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What We Do

Ready to get started

Are you looking for great people to join your team? Are you growing rapidly and you would also like to do something good for the world? Build a culture that lasts and brings positive change?

Then let’s go and explore what we can do together. We normally see 1 of these 2 situations:

  • You need people now and want to find the right IT skills and onboard them
  • You have a future need for IT skills and we can select, train and onboard your new team members for in in 3-12 months

Develop, Produce, Reinvest and Trade

Our community development approach is one where we step and survey the entire community. We appreciate the potential, talents and assets within local communities, and are ever mindful of the interrelated nature of social and economic challenges. As such, our programmes are multi-dimensional, addressing healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and education.

We believe in the cyclical nature of community development, where results are planted back into the community for everyone’s benefit. Our investment to develop entrepreneurs and young people produces highly competent, passionate and driven social actors. These individuals then reinvest their resources – finances, time and talents – to build their communities on firmer economic and social pillars.

Develop, Produce, Reinvest, Trade

We have many skilled, talented people, ready to work or get advanced training and education. Ready to start contributing to your adventure.

Robbert Popken – CCO Rhiza Consultancy

Current focus areas

Our students and graduates receive training in diverse tech-related domains, ranging from SEO and online marketing to web development and design. In response to market demands, we are actively expanding our teams in these key areas and welcome collaboration on tailored skills training and hiring requirements.

  1. Cybersecurity – We empower young individuals by providing cybersecurity training, preparing them for successful careers and opportunities in cybersecurity jobs.
  2. Web and Software Development – from front-end and back-end IT developers to Cloud Engineers and IT testers
  3. Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and Experience Design– We train youth in the dynamic fields of SEO, Design, and Marketing, arming them with the skills needed for thriving careers in the digital landscape.
Cassidy - One of our services
Rhiza Consultancy - Team of SEO interns

Great Collaboration Is Included In The Price

We believe in helping you being the best in what you do. We are flexible with the current situation of your company and we have worked out 3 key models for collaboration.

We would love to discuss with you what feels right for your company. Good to know that we gave it careful thought and we offer various collaboration options by default.

The Opportunity

We see a huge demand in IT skills in the Netherlands, South Africa but also in other countries. It’s so hard to find, train and integrate the right type of people for your company.

You want to have talented people, for a reasonable cost, you want them to be happy – as well as you want your current team and company to flourish.

The Solution

There is a huge group of extremely talented and skilled people in South Africa. 63,9% of the people between 15-24 years old is unemployed. For the age of 25-34 years, 42,1% is unemployed. This was the result of a recent study by the South African government. This group of people is so ready and so keen to work for larger and smaller international companies.

With Rhiza Babuyile we have been developing children from early childhood to adulthood. We have hundreds of talented people who we can train and match with you and your company.

Join us in our mission to change the world

Want to know more about our story and our way of creating a better South Africa by being an IT Partner that you can trust?
Reach out now and let’s talk about your needs and dreams.