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The opportunity

We see a huge demand in IT skills in the Netherlands, South Africa but also in other countries. It’s so hard to find, train and integrate the right type of people for your company.

You want to have talented people, for a reasonable cost, you want them to be happy – as well as you want your current team and company to flourish.

The solution

There is a huge group of extremely talented and skilled people in South Africa. 63,9% of the people between 15-24 years old is unemployed. For the age of 25-34 years, 42,1% is unemployed. This was the result of a recent study by the South African government. This group of people is so ready and so keen to work for larger and smaller international companies.

With Rhiza Babuyile we have been developing children from early childhood to adulthood. We have hundreds of talented people who we can train and match with you and your company.

From teaching them how to write,
we are now teaching them how to write java code.

Our vision

We strongly believe that, if you need IT skills, you can both be commercially successful and bring good to the world.
With Rhiza Consultancy we have various models for setting up your team of superstars from South Africa. It could be that you fully incorporate the team in your company or we manage and support your IT people with you. We are very experienced when it comes down to getting the best out of people and also in taking away any political or practical challenges.

We unburden you, whilst our IT consultants will help you grow and build your company.

All the profit from Rhiza Consultancy flows back to Rhiza Babuyile, so you are directly contributing to better education, healthcare and skills development for South Africa when you work with us.

Keen to hear more? We are keen to hear from you too!
Let’s contribute to a better world together.