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Developing Lives is in our DNA

Rhiza Consultancy stems from the rise of Rhiza Babuyile – which originally founded in 2005 and has been developing lives eversince.

Rhiza is a Greek name meaning “roots” while Babuyile is a Zulu name meaning “they have come back”. By upskilling entrepreneurs and young people, we assist them to contribute to the economic growth and dynamism within their communities. We are well-positioned and eager to give back to the spaces that mould them and can further sow the entrepreneurial and educational seeds needed for sustainability.

With Rhiza Consultancy we envision that we can both reduce youth unemployment within South Africa by being the ‘bridge to work’ with our partners and also – all profit of Rhiza Consultancy will flow back 100% to Rhiza Babuyile. Which directly contributes to providing education and healthcare and eradicating extreme poverty.

We don’t believe in building dependency
on our beneficiaries but rather provide
them with a skill that will lead them to independence.

Rodney Makube – Director SA & COO Rhiza Babuyile

Develop, Produce, Reinvest and Trade.

Our community development approach is one where we step and survey the entire community. We appreciate the potential, talents and assets within local communities, and are ever mindful of the interrelated nature of social and economic challenges. As such, our programmes are multi-dimensional, addressing healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and education.

We believe in the cyclical nature of community development, where results are planted back into the community for everyone’s benefit. Our investment to develop entrepreneurs and young people produces highly competent, passionate and driven social actors. These individuals then reinvest their resources – finances, time and talents – to build their communities on firmer economic and social pillars.

Brian Lamme


Joost Meulenberg


Robbert Popken


Alef Meulenberg

Founder Rhiza

Rodney Makube

Director SA

Rashuping Morake

Director SA