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For many of the people in the townships, it’s a dream to be employed

Joost Meulenberg
COO Rhiza Consultancy

Creating job employment by skills development

63,9% of the people between 15-24 years old is unemployed. For the age of 25-34 years, 42,1% is unemployed. This was the result of a recent study by the South African government.

This is a huge number and has been a problem for South Africa for many years. That is also why we believe so much that Rhiza Consultancy can provide great joy, belonging and contribution to the people of South Africa.

Our people have various backgrounds, ranging from those who came from extreme poverty to those closely above it. Either way, their circumstances weren’t as sweet as known in more ‘Western’ cultures. They had to work hard to learn, get educated and had to surround themselves with the right people to get where they are right now.

They had to work for many of the basic rights a person should have, and next to that the people selected for Rhiza Consultancy have also gone the extra mile by investing in their own education, skills development and personal growth.

And to repeat the obvious; many of these hard-working, talented people do not have job since they are ‘simply’ not available.

The Townships

Soweto & Thembisa are two of the largest townships from South Africa with over a million people living there.

Many of our graduates and students come from or live in those areas and the challenges there are all around having sufficient water, electricity, sewerage and of course proper education and healthcare.

With Rhiza Babuyile and with many partners we’ve been able to help thousands of people already to live human-worthy lifes and with your help for Rhiza Consultancy, we can go full circle and help so many more..

Rhiza’s community – the context

Different pools of people
With Rhiza Consultancy we work with:

  1. Consultants – we have an initial group of >15 consultants who are part of Rhiza Consultancy
  2. Graduates / Alumni – more than 100 people ready for employment
  3. Students – who are in their last year of education and ready for the job market within 1 year (+50 people)
  4. Learnerships – which are internships happening in South Africa specifically for the Black Empowerment Act (+50 people in 2023)
  5. Rhiza’s network – we also work with various support organizations in South Africa to find the right people for your needs; enabling us to a larger pool of +1.000 talents in South Africa

Our people goal – reducing youth unemployment

We are on a mission to eradicate extreme poverty.
With the people working for and with Rhiza Consultancy we are working hard on reaching commercial goals and providing the IT services needed at companies and only with that already, we are making a big contribution to the South African society.

Our goal with Rhiza Consultancy is to reduce youth unemployment over the next 5 years with 20% in all categories. We believe that with your support – and the commercial win-win opportunity – we can make this happen.